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The proposal of public policies on homecare medical services and social care services for the elderly.

SenioriNet Network proposes a policy public paper on the functioning, regulation and sustainability of home care services for the elderly, nationwide. 

Position paper on supporting home care services

Over 53 representatives of NGOs, central and local public authorities as well as independent experts signed the Position paper on supporting home care services

Home care services - a chance to a dignified life for the elderly in Romania

SenioriNET Network publishes The Opinion barometer on cooperation between the NGOs providing home care services and the public authorities.

Social-medical care services is a complex of activities which are granted under an integrated medical and social system and aimed mainly to maintain individual autonomy and prevent the situation of dependence to become worse

 People entitled to social-medical care services:

  • people who find themselves partial or total dependence to perform daily activities of living alone, those isolated and those who suffered physical, mental, sensory or psychic.
  • people who find themselves partial or total dependence to perform daily activities of living alone, those isolated and those who suffered physical, mental, sensory or mental.

Provides medical social care at home:

  • Services are provided by social service providers as mentioned in GO no. 68/2003 statute related to social services.
  • Depending on the complexity of the situation, they can be provided in an integrated system through their association with health services, education, housing and employment work. Social-medical care services are given in collaboration with care providers.
  • A specialized personnel ensures providing medical services, under he conditions established by the regulations in force.

Legislation regulating social care provision is stipulated in:

  • Statute 68/2003 amended and supplemented by the Statute 86/2004 concerning the provision of social services.
  • Decree 383 / 06.06.2005 approving general quality standards for social services.
  • Decree 73/2005 regarding the approval of the draft agreement for provision of social services concluded between the supplier of social services provided by law and the beneficiary of social services.
  • Decree 175 / 17.06.2006 approving minimum quality standards for social services at home for disabled adults.
  • Government Decision 886 / 05th October 2000 approving national needs assessment scale for the elderly.
  • Decree 246/27 March 2006 on approval of specific minimum quality standards for home care services and residential care centers for the elderly.

How can I benefit from home social-medical care services:

Social services are granted at the request of the person, his family or legal representative after noting a situation of social need of any other person as well as the office referral. The request for providing social services is addressed to the public social service subordinated to local governments, or can also be made directly to another social service provider accredited under the law (Statute 68/2003 amended and supplemented by Statute 86/2004 on granting social services).

The process of providing social services has the following main steps:

a) the initial assessment;

b) drafting of the intervention plan comprising mainly social service programming, personnel responsible and grant procedures;

c) complex evaluation;

d) developing customized care plan and assistance;

e) implementation of measures specified in the intervention and individualized plan, provision of social services being made based on individualized assistance and care plan developed by social service provider with the agreement and participation of the beneficiary and its formal consent;

f) monitoring;

g) reappraisal.

h) evaluating the beneficiary’s opinion.

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