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The proposal of public policies on homecare medical services and social care services for the elderly.

SenioriNet Network proposes a policy public paper on the functioning, regulation and sustainability of home care services for the elderly, nationwide. 

Position paper on supporting home care services

Over 53 representatives of NGOs, central and local public authorities as well as independent experts signed the Position paper on supporting home care services

Home care services - a chance to a dignified life for the elderly in Romania

SenioriNET Network publishes The Opinion barometer on cooperation between the NGOs providing home care services and the public authorities.

The SenioriNET Network initiators are:

  1. Confederatia Caritas Romania
  2. Funda?ia Crucea Alb Galben? România (CAGR)
  3. Asociatia Habilitas - Centru de resurse si formare profesionala
  4. Asociatia de Ajutor Mutual Bucuresti
  5. Asociatia Four Change

The SenioriNET Network members are:

  1. Asociatia AS 2001 Alba Iulia
  2. Asociatia Femeilor Pitestene Ana
  3. Asociatia Caritas Catolica Oradea
  4. Asociatia Caritas Bucuresti
  5. Asociatia Caritas Eparhial Greco Catolic Cluj
  6. Asocia?ia Caritas Eparhial Oradea
  7. Asociatia Caritas Mitropolitan Greco-Catolic Blaj
  8. Asociatia Casa de Ajutor Reciproc a Pensionarilor "Omenia" Bucuresti
  9. Asociatia Centrul de Ingrijiri la Domiciliu "DOCTORUL CASEI"
  10. Asociatia de Ajutor Mutual Slatina Timis
  11. Asociatia de Binefacere Pro Vitam
  12. Asociatia Filantropia Ortodoxa Alba Iulia - Filiala Reghin
  13. Asociatia Filantropia Ortodoxa Deva
  14. Asociatia "Impreuna Pro Educatie, Sanatate Oameni si Economie Sociala (E.S.O.E.S.) – Craiova”
  15. Asocia?ia Medical? ProVita - Brasov
  16. Asociatia Organizatia Caritas a Diecezei Satu Mare
  17. Asociatia pentru Sanatate Domnesti
  18. Asociatia pentru Dezvoltare Comunitara Nehoiu
  19. ASOCIATIA Ramiluck, Oradea 
  20. Asociatia Samaritenii Orastineni
  21. Asociatia Sofiaman pentru comunitate
  22. Asociatia Umanitara Equilibre
  23. Agentia pentru Plati si Inspectie Sociala Bucuresti 
  24. Caritas Alba Iulia Ingrijire la Domiciliu
  25. Centrul Diecezan Caritas Iasi
  26. Directia Generala de Asistenta Sociala si Protectia Copilului, sect. 6
  27. Federatia Caritas a Diecezei Timisoara
  28. Federatia Comunitatilor evreiesti din Romania - Cultul Mozaic 
  29. Fundatia Caritabila Orizonturi
  30. Fundatia Crucea Alb-Galbena din Romania Filiala Buzau
  31. Fundatia Crucea Alb-Galbena din Romania Filiala Sibiu
  32. Fundatia Crucea Alb Galbena Filiala Vrancea
  33. Fundatia Crucea Alb Galbena Romania, Filiala Baia Mare
  34. Fundatia Crucea Alb Galbena Romania, Filiala Constanta
  35. Fundatia Crucea Alb Galbena Romania, Filiala Targoviste
  36. Fundatia Crucea Alb Galbena Slatina
  37. Fundatia Hospice Casa Sperantei
  38. Fundatia Izvor, Iasi 
  39. Fundatia de Sprijin Comunitar
  40. Fundatia Lumina Braila
  41. Fundatia pentru Educatie, Dezvoltare si Sprijin Comunitar “Constantin Brancoveanu” Bacau
  42. Fundatia pentru Ingrijirea Varstnicului, Cluj
  43. Fundatia Ruhama
  44. Fundatia Umanitara Sf Maria
  45. Fundatia "Pentru voi"
  46. Fundatia de Sprijin al Varstnicilor, Galati
  47. Parohia Ortodoxa Romana Aleus
  48. Parohia Ortodoxa-Romana Fizes
  49. Serviciul de Ajutor Maltez - filiala Timisoara 
  50. Societatea Nationala de Cruce Rosie din Romania, Filiala Bacau
  51. Societatea Nationala de Cruce Rosie din Romania, Filiala Sector 5
  52. Societatea Romana de Sprijin a Varstnicilor si Suferinzilor cu Afectiuni de tip Alzheimer

The main advantages enjoyed by the Network members are:

  • Visibility and promotion among potential donors, other NGOs, potential partners and supporters in the development of new projects.
  • Information on initiatives of other organizations in the country, studies and research conducted in the field, potential partners or collaborators in projects initiated by the network members, social policies.
  • Funding opportunities through access to information on financing programs and funding in this area.
  • Advocacy and lobby through access to the training sessions that aim to increase the capacity of the Network members to become active players in local and / or national public policy addressed to the elderly, especially in the field of home care and through participation in actions of legislative lobbying.

The non-governmental organization which meet the following conditions can become active members of the Network:

·         They are established by law and they carry out activities in Romania;

·         They carry out activities in the social sector, activities after which elderly people directly or indirectly benefit;

·         They are non-politically affiliated.



To join the Network, interested organizations must complete the Application for Membership (descarca cererea de aderare) and submit it signed and stamped at

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