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The proposal of public policies on homecare medical services and social care services for the elderly.

SenioriNet Network proposes a policy public paper on the functioning, regulation and sustainability of home care services for the elderly, nationwide. 

Position paper on supporting home care services

Over 53 representatives of NGOs, central and local public authorities as well as independent experts signed the Position paper on supporting home care services

Home care services - a chance to a dignified life for the elderly in Romania

SenioriNET Network publishes The Opinion barometer on cooperation between the NGOs providing home care services and the public authorities.

Home Care is part of the integrated care system of which a person with medical needs can benefit, elderly or disabled, at discharge from hospital and as well in the case of chronic or terminal diseases.

People who are entitled to medical care at home are the ones with acute and / or chronic disease, who show a certain level of addiction and have limited ability to move to a medical unit in order to attend patient aftercare recommended by doctors.

NGOs  - Associations and foundations as well as companies authorized by the Ministry of Health provide home medical care.

Legislation regulating is stipulated in Law no. 95/2006 on health reform, the Government Decision no. 117/2013 for the approval of the framework related to conditions for granting medical assistance within the social health insurance system and the Order MS / CNAS 423/191/2013 approving the Methodological Norms for the application of the framework contract.

How do I get medical care at home:

The person insured / owner shall submit an application to the insurance company health to which he/she is insured, accompanied by a supporting document that certifies the quality of the insured, the identity card of the insured and his representative, if applicable, (copy) personal code number - CNP recommendation for home health care / palliative care at home, a copy discharge document signed and initialed by the doctor, the stamp of the medical unit where the patient was hospitalized and the solemn declaration to state that the disease did not arose from an occupational disease, an accident at work or sports.

National health insurance House analyzes the request and recommendations, within a period of 2 working days from the date of filing in the application, and the petition is approved within the amount established for such purposes.

The person insured, one of the family members (parent, husband / wife, son / daughter), a person legally authorized to do so or legal representative, on the basis of home health care decision / palliative home care decision issued by the national health insurance house will be addressing to a provider of home health care / palliative care at home, provided that it is included in the list of suppliers.

Useful documents:


  • Documents required for accessing services and healthcare / palliative care at home.
  • Basic medical services list for home care and palliative home care reimbursed by the Health Insurance Houses.
  • Form for home care recommendation.
  • Form for palliative care recommendation

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