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The proposal of public policies on homecare medical services and social care services for the elderly.

SenioriNet Network proposes a policy public paper on the functioning, regulation and sustainability of home care services for the elderly, nationwide. 

Position paper on supporting home care services

Over 53 representatives of NGOs, central and local public authorities as well as independent experts signed the Position paper on supporting home care services

Home care services - a chance to a dignified life for the elderly in Romania

SenioriNET Network publishes The Opinion barometer on cooperation between the NGOs providing home care services and the public authorities.

About the project SenioriNET

The "SenioriNET - NGO dedicated service network for elderly” project aims to create the first nationwide informal network of organizations active in the area of services for the elderly, especially those who provide home care. The project is based on the need to unite into a single voice the organizations active in this field nationwide. Limited capacity of NGOs in services for the elderly to cooperate with authorities and to make known such services leads to a decreased interest of the authorities to support policy development services for the elderly and therefore at little or no access to services for the elderly. Through this initiative we intend to strengthen our long-term ability of NGOs in the social sector and to support their active participation in improving strategies and policies which ensure increased access of Romania's elderly care services at home.

The "SenioriNET - Network NGO dedicated services to the elderly" is co-funded by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union, under the Grant Scheme for NGOs, Thematic Fund for Civil Society Participation - Program Swiss-Romanian Cooperation, has a duration of 2 years and a total budget of CHF 251,102.25 of which CHF 223,481.00 represents grant financing.

In this project we propose:

  • To lay the foundations of a national network assets of at least 30 NGOs providing home care services and / or involved in actions for the elderly and complementary care at home.
  • Provide the framework to increase their domestic capacity for organizations inside the network.
  • To increase the level of information and awareness of public authorities and citizens related to services for older people in Romania.
  • Facilitate access to interested persons to information on services for the elderly.

Among the project results:

  • A national network of at least 30 NGOs providing home care services and / or involved in actions for the elderly and complementary care at home.
  • 1 online information package that will contain one website, a map of nationwide services, 20 newsletters distributed online.
  • 2 sessions of training made in the area of lobby and advocacy.
  • Organization of Service provider’s Forum for elderly.
  • Set up an advocacy campaign.
  • Developing a document for public politics.
  • Organizing a meeting with policymakers.
  • Organizing round tables for social dialogue.
  • Barometer of collaboration with the public authorities.
  • Developing the catalog of good practices in the field of elderly home care.
  • Making a short film to promote the concept of home care for elderly.


The organisation who developed the project:

Caritas Confederation of Romania – General Presentation

Caritas Confederation of Romania ( is a network NGO, with a 21 years history, having the role of representing national and international  level the 10 member organizations Caritas organizations activate in Romania. In Romania, Caritas addresses to the systematic and structured social problems of vulnerable communities, responding to the needs of people in difficulty. At national level, the work of Caritas has a focus on specialty areas within which runs several complex social assistance programs: home care assitance, social and medical services for the elderly and disabled, education for prevention of natural disasters, direct intervention in case of natural disasters, assistance and counseling in centers for children and youth, community and professional integration activities for socially disadvantaged people. Caritas Romania is a member of Caritas Europe ( and Caritas Internationalis (

 Annually, Caritas Romania provides special assistance to over 25,000 elderly in need or suffering of a disease, who are enrolled in home care projects and medical and social care support. In order to maintain the autonomy of elderly suffering of chronic diseases and to prevent worsening their dependency situation, Caritas home care assistance teams provide specialized assistance to beneficiaries from 360 localities from Romania.

Home care assistance has an important role in strenghtening the responsibility not only for beneficiaries’ families, but also for the local communities. Caritas Romania provides support for seniors with low incomes, those that are helpless in their own homes, the ones who live in loneliness or find themselves in a situation of temporary or long-term dependence, people with acute and / or chronic diseases which have a limited capacity to get to a health facility.

Asociatia Four Change

The Four Change Association( is a nongovernmental organization founded in 2012 by a number of Romanian civil society experts who have intented to produce positive, major changes, in the non-governmental sector, and also in the communities in which it operates.

Through its activities, the association contributes to raising the level of professionalism of the NGOs providing support in areas such as: research, promotion, strategic planning, project management etc.

The organization's mission is to support civil society organizations in order to become relevant actors in the development of Romanian society. The members of the Association have significant experience in project management, promoting civil society initiatives in Romania, in areas such as: research, training and consultancy, social responsibility, civic engagement and have actively participated in various projects for disadvantaged people and projects aimed at increasing the capacity of organizations, involving community members, drafting policy documents etc.

The staff and the Founding members of the Association have specialized training and certifications in areas such as project management, training of trainers etc. and an extensive experience in developing and providing training programs for both specialists in civil society, public institutions or companies and for disadvantaged groups such as people with disabilities, Roma etc.

The projects implemented by the Four Change Association are addressed to the following domains: social, inclusion of vulnerable people - the elderly, unemployed, persons employed in the subsistence agriculture, community development, entrepreneurship and training.

Portal co-funded by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to
the enlarged European Union, under the Grant Scheme for NGOs, Thematic Fund for
Civil Society Participation - Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme.