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The proposal of public policies on homecare medical services and social care services for the elderly.

SenioriNet Network proposes a policy public paper on the functioning, regulation and sustainability of home care services for the elderly, nationwide. 

Position paper on supporting home care services

Over 53 representatives of NGOs, central and local public authorities as well as independent experts signed the Position paper on supporting home care services

Home care services - a chance to a dignified life for the elderly in Romania

SenioriNET Network publishes The Opinion barometer on cooperation between the NGOs providing home care services and the public authorities.

SenioriNet is an informal network of 54 NGOs providing home care services.

The purpose of the Network is to enhance the contribution of social and medical organizations to develop public policies for the elderly and increasing nationally their access to home care services.

SenioriNet network - the representative structure of the providers of homecare aims:

  •  to represent home care services providers in their relation to the central authorities and other institutions.
  • to strengthen the role, impact and image in the community of network’s members.
  • to support the development and implementation of coherent social policies in the field.
  • to increase the efficiency of activities in the field of home care.
  • conduct campaigns to promote home care, with impact on public opinion, but also on the local and central authorities. 

SenioriNet  Network’s values and principles:

  • Respect for fundamental rights and freedom of beneficiaries.
  • Preventing and combating social discrimination.
  • Respect for freedom of expression of one’s own opinion
  • Equality.
  • Respecting the independence and individuality of each person.
  • Transparency and participation in service delivery.
  • Promoting human dignity and quality of life.
  • Respect the right to active participation.
  • Promoting solidarity.
  • Professional ethics. 

Benefits of member organizations:

  • Visibility and Promotion
  • Information
  • Financing Opportunities
  • Advocacy and lobby.

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